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Atlas of the Perfect Education System

Here you can see the Atlas of the Perfect Education System,
according to which it is easy to be guided by key questions:
how, what, and why study in the 21st century.

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According to this Atlas it is now easy to be guided by key questions: why, what and how study in the 21st century? In Atlas you can find a variety of curricula, design spaces, business models, pedagogical innovations and unique formats of the world’s best schools.

Amanda Willson


Readers can gain knowledge of what education must be today. One of the things that is especially interesting is the overall structure of the Atlas that depicts unique infographics and modern aproach to education. Also this book is very well written and filled with wonderful illustrations, capacious texts and beautiful design.

Steffen Bech

School Principal

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Chapter 1: Future. New education trends dominate


The last powerful Reform of Education System was accomplished in the middle Ages. It was a period of transition of the humankind from the Agrarian Era to the Industrial Era. A lot of education tools had to be changed. Civilization them for nearly half of millenary. And it could have continued further, if the new Information Era would not have occurred and brought down the old system.

Now the Information Era means superfluity of data and necessity to work it up quickly and properly. The only way to meet all new challenges of the Information Era is to create an adequate Knowledge system, and educate new generation applying modern and fresh basic pillars that reflect future demands in all diversity of the Global world and the Universe.

The Industrial age is ending. Does it not affect education? Yes, time has come. Even if the transformation of current education system looks as a difficult and unaffordable labor. Not by chance, you can see Atlant on the cover of the book. Moreover, we will see how the ideal education system should look like, and what a fabulous perspective revealed before us.

Welcome to the new Education Era.

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