Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Learning content. What to change?

  Few people think about what school knowledge actually is. And then they lament that a lot of knowledge is forgotten or turns out to be unnecessary. But is it possible to predict from the childhood what is useful and what is not? The highlight, which many people do not realize, is the understanding of how knowledge is optimally structured, packaged and ideally conveyed to schoolchildren! Exactly for this purpose (as if in a grocery supermarket) the Knowledge Hypermarkets are being created, in which a modern knowledge matrix begins to operate. There everything is laid out on the shelves, chaos disappears, everything is consistent, clearly useful and interesting. Everything is organized in a new way, unexpectedly and it  acts like a breath of fresh air from the future. You will especially enjoy the lessons on happiness; real (rather than bookish) life values, as well as unknown knowledge, 12 kinds of feelings, which often determine the  person’s fate (sense of proportion, sense of time, space, taste, humour, responsibility, etc.). Experience these new feelings. Read on. Enjoy!