Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Case-lessons – the mainstream of Information Era

  People often ask, what happened to the subject-based system of education? Has anyone really found a substitute for these boring lessons, which only leave behind melancholy and an allergy to life with very light memories of school years. Because knowledge should not be presented in the form of boring paragraphs, but exactly the opposite. Take, for example, some thing, and then deploy it in the knowledge sweeps, linking them together. Because the brain works this way: associative and quantum. For example, in this way you can see the connection between the lithium battery in your phone, why it is so quickly discharged, and … this “sworn” table of chemical elements, which you learn to memorize and remember for life. The main point is that  case lessons contain not only educational knowledge, but also the most important  life competences, which are especially fashionable, popular and valuable nowadays: creative thinking, critical thinking, system thinking, empathy, choice of priorities, purposefulness, and another 100 + similar necessary skills. You can even take an exclusive quick test on the site built in here. And artificial intelligence will select a set of integrated cases for the systematic development of your skills and abilities. It is not by chance that these case lessons are patented in the Library of the Congress of the USA as a unique and very useful invention, which is now used all over the  world. And what awaits you here from the Information Era! You will see how you, without any straining, integrate into it, and get the maximum benefits. Read the atlas further and make your discoveries, as it happens with any person who flips through the Atlas of the world or views Google Maps. Enjoy!