Chapter 5

Chapter 5: New technologies. How to learn?

  In new technologies, the main slogan is simple: “More knowledge in less time!” Otherwise, why are these new technologies needed? After all, everyone wants everything faster, easier, deeper, better. And cheaper! It concerns knowledge first of all, because we spend so much time, money and nerves on it! Therefore, here you will find over 20 super technologies which support the educational process in the best schools in the world. You can choose any of them, or use it for some subjects or projects. And you will see how dramatically your school life will change. Sometimes people ask: why do we need so many of these technologies? Is it possible to learn with one which is the best? The answer is: firstly, using the same method  for all 12 years is boring. You are the first person to request something new after some time. And secondly, it’s like in chess, where there are dozens of “debuts” – Sicilian defense, royal gambit, English start, Italian party, etc. And depending on the opponent, standings and other circumstances, the grandmaster chooses the debut he needs. This is what a good teacher-coach-master does. Read the Atlas and always win! Enjoy!