Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Ideal proportions

  Can there be golden proportions in education? Let’s have a look. Every housewife knows that to make a tasty pizza you must keep many proportions: the amount of flour, water, oil, salt, pepper, fillers, baking time, temperature, etc. And how is food for stomach different from food for mind? Basically, nothing is different. It’s a pity that such proportions are still not used in the educational sphere. Therefore, the lessons are often tasteless, underdone, salted, undersalted or callous. Fortunately, now these proportions exist. Here you will learn how it is convenient to pack and deliver knowledge to a child … How long is a students’ talking time and how much a teacher should speak … Do we need to memorize things and how much … Should we put gaming into lessons … How does the fine rule of 10,000 hours work here … What are these proportions in the best schools and formulas of their success? In addition, the controversy over giving  marks does not abate. Is it worth? And if not, how to measure the level of knowledge? It is easy if you set the ideal proportions here. This super modern pedagogical Theory of Proportions has already become mega popular. Why? Because everyone wants fresh and tasty knowledge. And here is the recipe for them. Read and enjoy!