Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Education Platform 7W

  This last chapter will strike you to the heart. Because you will see how global educational platforms are being formed nowadays instead of annoying schools. How modern algorithms work (similar to doctors’ protocols, notes for musicians, engineers’ drawings, navigation for Internet users, etc.). Here you will see how you can quickly carry out the necessary reforms in the country. One of such successful educational platforms  is Edu Future ( Finally, the secret of 7W will be revealed.
    It is:
  • 7 Wonders of Education
  • 7 measurements
  • 7 key tenets
  • 7 main stakeholders
  • 7 assessment parameters
  • 7 basic questions (what, why, who, where, when, hoW, What if)
  • 7 expected results
This wonderful set leads to an ideal education system, showing all its elements in the form of a folded puzzle, and showing ways to improve them. At the end you will see a dramatic story of turning utopia into good fortune, as well as my saving formula for success. They will bring good luck to you too. Now you, after reading the entire book, saw the whole picture of the educational world. And, similar to  the ancient Greek hero Atlas, you will want to inspire other people to make our world better. Good luck in all things and in your life