Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Teachers-coaches and evaluation system

  The main problem in education in the 21st century are teachers. Many of them do not keep up either  with a child or a progress. But how can we do without them? In addition, everyone wants only good and even the best teachers. And where to get such a big number of them? And finally, what to do with this all? It is easy. Fortunately, the role of the teacher has changed dramatically. He is no longer the lesson-master in his subject, but the coach-mentor-navigator-master … He now has another function which is to know and demonstrate students where to get information, how to filter it, recognize, analyze, apply and interpret. And  not forget to explain  everything to children. Then a student using this algorithm will be able to learn on his own. That’s what is required  in the 21st century, in fact. And not only to  learn, but also adequately assess the knowledge gained by the chosen method: with the help of a portfolio, blockchain, ISO quality system, regular points, etc. You can clearly see how and where knowledge is extracted, assimilated and then effectively applied. The main thing is that in this format the process of education is algorithmized and becomes the most technologically advanced (but not chaotic). Many parents often ask how to determine which school is better, where to send the child? After all, there are no objective indicators, and everyone enjoys public opinion: “who said what.” Now there is an adequate way to determine the best school. And finally, you will be still amazed at what “a teacher” means? So in our Atlas many strange mysteries are revealed. Read on. Enjoy!