Why do you need this webinar
and why it is important for you?

Because it is dedicated to the Atlas of the Perfect Education System, which for the first time contains unique ideas, impressive illustrations, informative texts, beautiful design, curricula and programs, project spaces and innovative methods systematized in a special format!

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What is Atlas?

According to this Atlas written by Vladimir Spivakovsky, Ph.D. it is now easy to be guided by key questions: why, what and how study in the 21st century? In Atlas you can find a variety of curricula, design spaces, business models, pedagogical innovations and unique formats of the world’s best schools.

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Who is this webinar for?

This Atlas is irreplaceable and it “must have” every school, family, university, researcher, policy maker, and teacher.

  • for pedagogical universities
  • for educational innovators
  • for schools
  • for language courses
  • for homeschoolers
  • for agencies
  • for mentors
  • for coaches
  • for tutors
  • for parents
  • for online training professionals
  • for directors, teachers, and students

The purpose of the webinar is to answer 7 key questions:

How to study in the 21st century?

In new technologies, the main slogan is simple:
“More knowledge in less time!”

Actually, what's the point of going to school if it has such a low efficiency? On the other hand, it is possible to organize studies in a different way, so that it is a pleasure.

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What to learn in the 21st century?

Learning content:
What to change?

Few people think about what school knowledge actually is. And then they lament that a lot of knowledge is forgotten or turns out to be unnecessary. But is it possible to predict from the childhood what is useful and what is not?

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Why shall we study in the 21st century?

New education trends dominate!

You need to know answers to 7 basic questions that are revealed in the Atlas of the Perfect Education System.

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